About Us

RachaWadee offers authentic traditional Thai Massage in Kelowna.


My partner and I are originated from Thailand. We grew up and saw that Thai Massage is one of the most popular tourist attractions. We, ourselves also enjoyed our incredible experiences of Thai massage and want to be able to bring Thai Massage to Kelowna.


We knew that there are many benefits of Thai Massage for the mind and body.  It is the most relaxed massage we have ever experience which focuses onto muscle relaxation. Often seen as “strong”, traditional Thai Massage is very effective when applied to tense muscles to promote muscle relaxation.

Our masseuses manager has been trained in Thailand and she has more than ten years experiences of Thai Massage.  Our team also have background of oil massage then we blend those two massage to practice for Thai Oil Massage at our spa.

At our place, we perform two different kinds of massages: Thai Oil Massage, which is the blend between traditional Thai and Swedish Oil Massage – focusing on relaxation – and the traditional Thai Massage, focusing on joints muscle relief.


We also have Thai foot massage which is mixed with Chinese reflexology and Thai Massage.  It helps to relieve sore and tired soles from working and exercise.


We believe, one of these massages will fit you.  Please come to try and get the most relaxing Thai massage experience.